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Even though I sometimes buy premixed blends, I’ve always found it more fun, and sometimes more effective, to make my own essential oil blends. I also love reading, tweaking trying out recipes from fellow essential oil users.

But one problem keeps popping up. It’s a small thing and not hard to figure out. But it does get a bit annoying after a while.

What is it?

It’s the calculating of how many drops of an essential oil is needed for a specific dilution rate (say 2%).

Now this in itself is not too hard to memorize. That is, if the whole world uses only one way to measure volume. But humans being humans, we like “variety”.

And so we’ll come across all kinds of units of measures in recipes such as milliliters, ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons and even something called drams. (The first time I came across the unit of measure of “dram”, I thought it was a misspell of “drum” and that someone’s making essential oil blends in bulk.)

Anyway, I can still work out the dilution rates I want, but it takes me a bit of time if the recipe’s in a unit of measure that I’m not familiar with.

So – after needing to pause and convert and calculate for the 186th time instead of diving straightaway into blending my essential oil concoctions, I finally took the time to develop a calculator.

And here it is!

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator

The following are the fields used by the calculator:

1. EO Concentration: This refers to the essential oil concentration rate, or dilution rate that you want. The field is a drop-down list and has rates ranging from 0.5% to 5%, in 0.5% increments. I’ve also added a lighter concentration of 0.25% which parents may sometimes use to create blends for young children. Choose the rate you want from the drop-down list.

2. Unit of Measure: Again, this is a drop-down list. It contains the units of measure used for your carrier oil. The units are milliliters (Ml), ounces (Oz), US tablespoons (Tbsp US), US teaspoons (Tsp US) and drams. Choose the unit you prefer to work with.

3. Carrier Oil Volume: This will be the amount of carrier oil that you plan to dilute the essential oils with. You can input any number you want. Its unit of measure is indicated in the “Unit of measure” field. So if you select “Oz” as your unit of measure and input “5” in the Carrier oil volume field, the calculator will interpret that as 5 oz of carrier oil.

4. Number of EO Drops: This is a calculated field. Now, depending on what you’ve keyed in in the EO Concentration, Unit of Measure and Carrier Oil Volume fields, this calculated field may show answers with decimals, e.g. 1.75 drops. You should round that up or down to the nearest whole number, since you can’t possibly add 1.75 drops of essential oil to your blend. But be aware that it’ll mean your actual dilution rate is a little lower or higher than what you wanted.

Fair warning, folks – I’m no IT programmer or website design expert. In fact, it’s taken me ages just to figure out how to put this calculator in this post! The calculator’s not super pretty or sophisticated either.

But this little calculator has helped me lots, and I hope it’ll help you too. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!


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