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Pure water splash

What Is a Pure Essential Oil?

"Pure" sounds so perfect, but seriously, how pure is pure and what exactly does it mean? In the world of ...
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Lemon in glass of water

How Are Essential Oils Made?

There're a great number of essential oil manufacturers out there and the quality of the oils can vary a lot ...
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What Is the Definition of An Essential Oil?

What Is the Definition of An Essential Oil?

I can write a long essay about what defines an essential oil, going into scientific jargon and such. But let’s ...
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Rose geranium oil

What Is an Absolute Essential Oil?

You may sometimes come across the term "rose absolute essential oil" or "jasmine absolute essential oil". What does the word ...
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Oil with sprigs and leaves

What Is a Food Grade Essential Oil?

In  my previous post, I've explained that the word "grade" means nothing. Essential oils need not, and are not graded ...
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Lavender flower and oil

What Is a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil?

I’ll be doing a series of posts to explain some common terms that you may have come across. It’s important ...
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